Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Matchbox Shrine Challenge

I kind of talked one of my crafting buddies to do a MB shrine swap with me, going on holiday soon ,so thought I had better crack on any how! Did not have a theme,just went through my stamps and picked one at random and this is what I have made. Paula I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Some older works

The brown tray again was mahogany and a similar process was done as the black one, only I stippled on a paint effect this time and used a different napkin.
The vase or utilty holder was a bargain from a charity shop and looked a bit boring just plain, so I chose a napkin and added it to the piece to give it some character.
This tray was originally a mahogany coloured tray
Not being a lover of mahogany(sorry for all of you that do ) I decided to alter it.It was sanded down to bare wood,painted with gold,then painted with crackle glaze and over painted with black. I then varnished it twice and then added the napkin art or otherwise known as decoupage. Red,gold and black is such a sexy combination of colours and I love poppies. After another couple of coats of varnish,this project was finished. I hang it on a wall above a door frame in my kitchen.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Still no crafting

Been busy with life these past couple of days, so not had time to do much crafting.
Have just been onto a friends blog and she is also busy (Margaret Field, see my link list) and she has not been able to craft much these days,so she is showing older stuff. This has given me an idea,later I shall take pics and show you the stuff I did a couple of years ago.
That's about it for now, doing stuff tomorrow and decorating Tuesday,so might,might get to do some craft stuff Tuesday evening or Wednesday.
Toddle pip folks