Thursday, 31 January 2008

Bad day

Packed up the fags today and been on a diet since monday-hubby packed up a week ago yesterday. Need to give up for myself and hubby seems to be doing ok and not too snappy and I thought if he could do it, so can I.

Stayed out this morning around a friends who is a non smoker, so made life easier. Came home and did housework and cooked tea-off to see a presentation at my eldest college in a mo......opps no, off now.............

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Not done much today

Not done much today, the weather is horrid and makes me fed up when it's like this. Woke up late and ended up running around like a headless chicken, trying to get kids ready for school. Chatted with Margaret online for a while (she always cheers me up ) and have then been and varnished a few dominoes- ready to mount up for adding other pieces too. Also painted cork board where I will be displaying necklaces and key rings-that's now on the rad drying off.

Nothing else done really other than the usual loads of washing and hoovering.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Mondays- I dont like mondays

Well got up at an un-godly hour today and cracked on with the dreaded housework, gave myself a list of things today today which include
Wash car
Do all washing-drying and put away
Sweep back garden
Bit of weeding
Sweep front of house

We shall see later what I finish off....if any that is......

So I had better get my bum in fifth gear now then...............

Well the day is almost over and I did manage to get some jobs completed......I did the washing,weeding,sweeping of the back garden, housework. I even managed to dry some washing on the line, until some cretin decide to burn some garden rubbish.....

Have had no time to craft today as ater getting back in from helpin out at school it was that time of day to think about dinner.
Have just found out to edit same day post :) and also changed my templte too.
I am off to bed in a mo-so I shall bid thee all good night.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Nice long walk today

Afternoon all.........Did not get up untill 10.30am today(lazy cow) I hate getting up late like that-waste of a day.....

After an hour of sat watching Hollyoaks had, decided we needed to go for a long walk with dog-only hubby and son came. Ended up walking about 4.5 miles- We drove to a village and walked to a place called "Tynron Doon" we walked through woods, mud,cow poop,sheep poop and lots of water.........ended up at top of this mountain(ok slight exaggeration) hill and stood and admored the views for ages.

Home now and hubby prepared sunday lunch I am now about to cook it-roast pork and all the trimmings.

Not done any crafting as yet- got the shakes now lol as it has been hours since I sat at my craft table.....

Start my diet tomorrow- will let you know how I get on, need to lose one and a half stone before May for our holiday......wish me luck as the fags are next to go!!!

Right off now- catch you tomoorow perhaps?