Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sorry it's been so long olks

Hello my friends, well it's been a long time since Ihave updated my blog. Life has been a bit hectic with work and moving from Scotland back to Devon!
We move into our own place wednesday 24th of this month(next wednesday) YAY, then perhaps after I have unpacked,cleaned and done the garden,things may get back to normal,what ever that may be lol.
I have so missed adding to my blog but I shall be back soon in about 3 weeks.
Not done much craft,only a few cards and have ben itching to do so- my new place has a garage attached and I am trying to keep that for me!
Right this is only a quickie to say I am alive a bit slimmer and raring to get on !!
Take care all
Jinny :)