Saturday, 29 March 2008

Old pic of me and my sis

My mum has sent me some old piccies,so I thought I would share some of them with(they are scanned and I have changed then in photoshop by adding a frame....I am the one who looks like a little boy! and (sorry mum) such lovely clothes,funny how I never wear green now !!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Managed to do three piccies

Friday yet again

Love Fridays really as it's off to school in afternoons,to help out. Today I teamed up with ma pal Jill,her group and mine did pastel work,unfortunately I did not get to play with the pastels but the kids produced some great pieces. They did three colours and rubbed together to make a sunset/sunrise and then added some black mountains.Jill brought in some old mounts and we mounted up their work,very impressive stuff too.
Now time to think about dinner, got chicken cooking but not sure what to do with it yet...ooh woe is me lol
My kids as of today are now on a two week half term...I say again ooh woe is me lol.
My friend from Devon was supposed to be coming today but due to unforeseen circumstances is now sadly not coming... OOH WOE IS MOI :{
Well I shall say toddle pip for now,might have more artwork to show you as weekend progresses but no promises.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Pastels out

Spent the first part of the day around a good friends(Jill) and we sat and drank tea and went through some Sotherby's(sp) books, looking at different artists work. It inspired me that much I came home and got out my pastels and did this little ditty. I was given a print today by the artist Donald Ayres,he did not give me it himself lol but said friend did as I thought this little postcard was very pretty. I like the softness of pastels but have not studied this medium in great detail. Off to hunt out some more pastels,as I know I have some more.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Wax Tulips

Did this painting,this afternoon, the background is painted with a pearly glaze and metallic blue,to give a sky impression and then I have painted on the tulips in wax, with a stylus and my new heat gun.It's not a huge canvas about 10"x 5"

Snow, snow everywhere

Went out up in the hills today as we knew snow was up there. Only takes about 15 mins to drive there and it's nice to drive away from the snow too.Took Patch our dog and we had been walking ,down near some old mining land and he trots up to us blood everywhere, the poor bugger had (we think) knocked his nose and given him a nose bleed but there was so much blood, I panicked.....Rushed him back to car and half way back it stopped,panic over,get near the car and he sneezes and it starts up again......Panic again as loads more blood but he's ok now no more blood since we have been really scared me as Patch is like one of the kids to us. Animals and kids ayy-who'd av em? lol

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Matchbox Shrine

Have been doing a Matchbox Shrine as a challenge for the group I am in on the net.
All handmade,even the matchbox itself.
Diamonds are a girls best friend was my theme. Really enjoyed doing this. Thanks Ange.