Friday, 20 June 2008

My recycled outfit-for Fashion show-Next friday

Well the variety show is nearly here,dress rehersal on monday and the show is the friday after! Almost finished my outfit, not that I ever intended to make one for me but got talked into it and now feeling a tad bashful about it. My daughter took this pic of me in said outfit- a halter top and A line skirt,made out of local newspaper and lots of duck tape and covered with masking tape. The skirt now has dark brown ribbon roses on it to match the top and so do my shoes, have found a brown felt bag and added a ribbon rose to that,the hat is also a little different as I have now added newspaper to that to and is drying out in my shed-ohh what have I let myself in for????

Sunday, 15 June 2008

New dominoe tin

Well I enjoyed making the brown and gold dominoe tin clock so much, that I have decided to do another and also have ideas for more but will need to invest in some clock workings.
This one I am working on is blue and silver and very feminine!! Ohh la la........I am doing a craft fayre in July,so these shall add to my items for sale.
Come back later to see photo of upload finished item