Sunday, 30 November 2008

Completed jigsaw jam piece

Completed jigsaw
jam swap, which is
going to go in my
girls room.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Been decorating and being creative at the same time

Have been trying to decorate whole house before the Christmas period gets here and my last room to do is my girls bedroom-they have asked for browns and creams and they asked if i would do some artwork on their walls-so decided to do some floral designs to go with colours of the walls. They like it but i have another wall to paint and lots of sanding to do yet.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hubbys sisters 50th bday card

My Final Jigsaw Piece for jigsaw swap

This is my last piece for the jigsaw jam swap, this is for Sheila and she asked for homespun/shabby/rustic in pale blues,creams and greens. I have to say I struggled with this theme but think it's cute!

Next project is our groups christmas suprise ATC pressie swap.

Looking forward to that and have lots of ideas too.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Gold Card Award

I have been given this award by Cindy. Many thanks Cindy. are the rules relating to the award:-

1. 5 people are allowed to receive this award.

2. four dedicated followers of your blog.

3. one is to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. please link back to the person who gave you this award.

So hard to make these decisions!!However, I have decided to make the award to the following peeps, apologies if you've already received it a million times (it probably means you deserve it!!) and also to anyone I've missed out - you are all brilliant!!

1. A funny, witty and talented lady.

2. Wendy has made some beautiful creations.

3. John talented in lots of ways and good with PCs too.

4. Check out this blog-very creative in loads of ways

So just for a bit of fun I need to list here six random things about myself.So, here goes:

1. My favourite books are by Patricia Cornwall.

2. My real name is Virginia but nobody,nobody ever calls me it(if they know what's good for them anyways). (Phew!)

3. My favourite meal is double egg and chips.

4. I always wanted to be a police woman.

5. I can't stand cobwebs or slugs,they make me shiver.

6. My favourite time of year is Christmas, i am afraid i turn into a big kid!

The rules are as follows:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post.

5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.The people I have tagged so far are:


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Jig saw Jam swap

I am doing a jigsaw jam swap for a group i belong to.
The first piece is for Cindy (see blog list) and she asked for "things with wings" as her theme and with the colours turquoise,greens and golds.

This piece is for Sherry and she asked for "folk art Christmas" In reds,greens and gold....... i think- i have to say i struggled a bit with this theme but hope it's OK.

This piece is for Wendy who chose "Oriental" in blues and golds- oriental theme is one of my favourite themes.

This piece is for Viv,who chose"time" as her theme in golds and bronze's.........

This is one of my pieces and i chose a theme of "floral" in golds,browns and creams and i wanted it done in a contemporary style....I have to say it does look better in the flesh-my camera work is rubbish!
When all the pieces that i have sent out to the other 5 ladies are done and returned i will decorate a canvas and decorate it the joined up jigsaw pieces.....I love doing these and am amazed at how each individual jig saw pieces blend so well together!!!
I shall upload the finished article when it is completed but it wont be for a few weeks yet.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Still no arts or crafts being done

Well still busy sorting out this house- today having double glazing fitted and then i shall be decorating when monies allow!!!
I have thought about going into the garage and doing some stuff but then i look around here and think, maybe later!!!! and so it goes on!!!
I promise to do some stuff soon- i need to as i want to start doing my CRAk''s soon,have loads of those to do.

Right best get on
take care and toodle pip friends

Monday, 13 October 2008

Went to fancy dress saturday night

Went to a mates 30th saturday evening and the themes were " Rocky horror show" "Anything begining with the letter S" " Masqurade " and "Clowns"

I chose the rocky horror theme,well it was an easy theme! and hubby went as a suit!!!

Well all systems go

Hello all
Well at long last I finally have Internet indoors-ya. It's not until you dont have it, you realise how dependant you are on it!!
Have been busy in my new garden and as yet no decorating has been done as next Monday we are having double glazing fitted, so it would be pointless decorating before having windows done!!!
I shall post pictures of house, as I have been clicking away whilst we have been doing this and that......After checking all my emails and face book notifications I shall be up and running with some latest art and craft stuff
OK bath time
Till next time folks
Jinny xx

Thursday, 9 October 2008

internet soon folks

Justa quickie to say getting internet next tuesday so shall update blog very soon
Thanks for your patience x

Jinny x

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sorry it's been so long olks

Hello my friends, well it's been a long time since Ihave updated my blog. Life has been a bit hectic with work and moving from Scotland back to Devon!
We move into our own place wednesday 24th of this month(next wednesday) YAY, then perhaps after I have unpacked,cleaned and done the garden,things may get back to normal,what ever that may be lol.
I have so missed adding to my blog but I shall be back soon in about 3 weeks.
Not done much craft,only a few cards and have ben itching to do so- my new place has a garage attached and I am trying to keep that for me!
Right this is only a quickie to say I am alive a bit slimmer and raring to get on !!
Take care all
Jinny :)

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Old works

Have found some old encaustic and paint work pieces-thought i would share them with you all


These are the flowers the school presented me with yesterday at the award cermony

Friday, 4 July 2008

Well it's been a busy time

Well it's been a busy time for me, as we are moving back to Devon 12th July, which is only next saturday. I have been up to my neck in it with sifting,sorting,cleaning and packing!

The show went really well although I could not get to take pics as I was out the back doing hair,make-up and costumes, I have a friend who did take some good pics and is putting them on a disc fro me, sadly I will only be able to show you me and the teachers but not pics of the kids,even if I faze out there faces but the teachers have no qualms with being added to my blog.

This evening I am out with the teachers from my sons school and we are going to Carlisle ten pin bowling,should be a good laugh as there are about 24 of us all together, I hear they are a hoot out on a night out and am def taking my camera!! Theme night too at bowling! lol

Right must dash-things to do blar balr

Ohh and a HUGE thank you to Paula (PBird) for giving me an award-oh my,which also reminds me -I have been asked this afternoon to give out awards at school-------Oh my!

Right take care you lot


Friday, 20 June 2008

My recycled outfit-for Fashion show-Next friday

Well the variety show is nearly here,dress rehersal on monday and the show is the friday after! Almost finished my outfit, not that I ever intended to make one for me but got talked into it and now feeling a tad bashful about it. My daughter took this pic of me in said outfit- a halter top and A line skirt,made out of local newspaper and lots of duck tape and covered with masking tape. The skirt now has dark brown ribbon roses on it to match the top and so do my shoes, have found a brown felt bag and added a ribbon rose to that,the hat is also a little different as I have now added newspaper to that to and is drying out in my shed-ohh what have I let myself in for????

Sunday, 15 June 2008

New dominoe tin

Well I enjoyed making the brown and gold dominoe tin clock so much, that I have decided to do another and also have ideas for more but will need to invest in some clock workings.
This one I am working on is blue and silver and very feminine!! Ohh la la........I am doing a craft fayre in July,so these shall add to my items for sale.
Come back later to see photo of upload finished item

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

From dominoe tin to in progress

I bought a jungle clock to make kit, from a charity shop and it cost £1.50 ages ago. I have been itching to use the parts and bits from it to make other stuff with all the goodies inside.
I have done lots of altered dominoes of late and kept( never throw anything away me) the tins they come in. So have been thinking what can I do with this and this and decided to make a dominoe tin clock!
Painted tin in a suede effect brown-and so far edged it in gold and figured out how to attach clock bit, not hard at all!
Just thought I would show you all what I have done so far, it is far from finished but this is my first altered clock and wanted to share it with you because I am like a big kid!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Latest altered dominoes

These are some of the dominoes I made on Friday,whilst demonstrating to the French kids, from my son's school. These are a few of the 70 odd dominoes I drilled in preparation for this demonstration.
The kids loved it and ended up making about three each and where raving about it.Even their teachers asked if they could do one too!
It was nice to see that some did different things and a few of them hand painted the Scottish flag on theirs.

I have a busy week ahead of me this week,at school still doing costumes and this week,we are going to practise strutting our stuff on the stage. I am also in middle of decorating and also hubby is 40 at the weekend,so trying to plan a surprise BBQ-which will be a hard one as he is off on Friday,Saturday, Sunday AND Monday!!!
Watch this space!!!!!!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Pendant hanger

Made a pendant hanger last night-which is, some branches cut from one of my bushes and painted it gold-drilled holes in side of branches and posted through silver heavy duty wire-painted a red box-which cost 25p from Tescos,in gold and silver and weighted bob down with odds and sods.

Some more recycled outfits

Well me and my pal Jill have been hard at it today in the school hall,making more costumes from recycled bits and bobs

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Recycled fashion clothes

I might have mentioned earlier that I am helping out with my sons shchool's varity show-managed to take 2 pics before batteries died

The dress was donated to school and i have made pink and white tissue paper flowers and stapled them on top of the netting which is over the dress. The from and ice cream tub i covered with crepe paper and stuffed with a tesco carrier and made more pink and white flowers and a few green tissue paper leaves andadded some bright pink feathers and also ppe cleaner handle.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Another Bernie Berlin Atc

Bernie Berlin-gesso and magazine image tecnique

I belong to a yahoo group and the latest tutorial was the Bernie Berlin gesso and magazine image tecnique.

You take an image from magazine but I believe you can use all sorts of images from other places,adhere the image to card stock (I used pva) Gel medium was the desired stuff to use but i had none!.....wait to dry,then using white gesso(I used weak white emulsion) paint over image in a criss cross fashion and let dry. Once dry use perm marker/pen pencil to sketch over lines and add on what else you would like add to your artwork............You can then use pastels-paints-pencils-chalks to colour your new image and your imagination can go wild!

Here's my first two attempts

Crafters Block-help

Well folks for the past two nights I have been to my craft table and just stood there looking at the stuff on table~~~~~I think I have crafters block, I mean I want to be creative but just don't know what!

I moved my encaustic art box into the lounge and it's sat there on coffee table just waiting and it's still waiting for me to do something with it.

I did my garden this afternoon and managed to take some pics of some beautiful flowers, with the intentions of using them as inspiration for some encaustic art work.