Friday, 6 June 2008

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Pendant hanger

Made a pendant hanger last night-which is, some branches cut from one of my bushes and painted it gold-drilled holes in side of branches and posted through silver heavy duty wire-painted a red box-which cost 25p from Tescos,in gold and silver and weighted bob down with odds and sods.

Some more recycled outfits

Well me and my pal Jill have been hard at it today in the school hall,making more costumes from recycled bits and bobs

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Recycled fashion clothes

I might have mentioned earlier that I am helping out with my sons shchool's varity show-managed to take 2 pics before batteries died

The dress was donated to school and i have made pink and white tissue paper flowers and stapled them on top of the netting which is over the dress. The from and ice cream tub i covered with crepe paper and stuffed with a tesco carrier and made more pink and white flowers and a few green tissue paper leaves andadded some bright pink feathers and also ppe cleaner handle.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Another Bernie Berlin Atc

Bernie Berlin-gesso and magazine image tecnique

I belong to a yahoo group and the latest tutorial was the Bernie Berlin gesso and magazine image tecnique.

You take an image from magazine but I believe you can use all sorts of images from other places,adhere the image to card stock (I used pva) Gel medium was the desired stuff to use but i had none!.....wait to dry,then using white gesso(I used weak white emulsion) paint over image in a criss cross fashion and let dry. Once dry use perm marker/pen pencil to sketch over lines and add on what else you would like add to your artwork............You can then use pastels-paints-pencils-chalks to colour your new image and your imagination can go wild!

Here's my first two attempts

Crafters Block-help

Well folks for the past two nights I have been to my craft table and just stood there looking at the stuff on table~~~~~I think I have crafters block, I mean I want to be creative but just don't know what!

I moved my encaustic art box into the lounge and it's sat there on coffee table just waiting and it's still waiting for me to do something with it.

I did my garden this afternoon and managed to take some pics of some beautiful flowers, with the intentions of using them as inspiration for some encaustic art work.