Friday, 15 February 2008

The rest of friday

Well I am not sure this will be added on to this mornings blog but hay ho, we live and learn.
I ended up making "peg animals" with my class of school children this afternoon, browsed through my twenty thousand craft books lunch time-ok, slight exageration, I have about mmmm 7 or 8. Ended up drawing lions,giraffes,turtles and snakes, got the kids to colour them in,cut them out and stick onto a wooden peg, mind you ended up bringing them all home as they wanted me to glaze them with some 3d liqud embossing stuff! We had a group change over this week as I have done four weeks with one group(12-15 kids) and this week I had seven girls, it was heaven.I took my eldest with me and she loved it.
I asked in advance if the girls wanted to make "mothers day" cards next week and their faces lit up.....I was not going next week but might have to now!
I recieved another jig saw pice today-huge it is, huge I say! Thank you Angela. I am also hosting a "goody bag "swap and have lots of interest nd recieved a few bags already-wow! I want them all to myself, think I might cancel the swap an leave the country hehehehehe.
Still have a headache,just nagging at my forehead, cant take no more pain killers or else I wil start to rattle when I walk!!
Now about to answer a few emails and then up at 4.30am with hubs but I shall think about gooing back to bed tomorrowas it's saturday and kids will be asleep longer-yay-
Oh and I shall upload pics of peg animals tomorrow-just incase you wanna see 'em!
toddle pip

Panic panic

Friday....Today I help out at my son's school and do a class of arts and crafts, only today so far, I have nothing planned! I have woken up with a bad headache-day three of headaches-oh the joys!.....Have not a clue what I shall do yet! Do how ever have my own jig saw piece to finish. Last night I posted off the jig saw jam swaps......some not so crafty folk might be thinking-what the hell is this woman on lol.A jig saw jam swap is where a group each send out a jig saw piece to each other and tell the others of that group a theme, the colours they like and which way around they want their jig saw piece to be displayed.At the end of it after everyone has altered said jig saw piece, they post it back to you and you end up with say 6 pieces of decorated jig saw, that you can then add to a canvas and make a very.very nice piece of art work.....Does that make sense? PROBERLY NOT LOL
Right that's about it for now-well it is only early and I am now off to make a cuppa tea! toodle pip.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Jig saw Jam swap

Today I have made a start on my jigsaw pieces I have recieved from Sherry and Trudy, thought I had better make a consious effort as there will be three more in the post soon. Strangly both ladies have chosen the same theme, which made life easier for me hehehehehehehe.
I wonder what the other ladies in the swap have chosen? Hmmmmmm
Well that's about it for now, need to do my own piece and I have chosen oriental as a theme, my personal favourite.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Rush- rush -rush

Hello folks, well another couple of days has lapsed-kids are off on half term and it gets a little crazy here and I have to queue to get on my own pc-been playing cleaner, referee and chief taxi driver today and go getter- PHEW
Managed to do some doodling last night-whilst sitting and watching tv as I seem to spend an awful lot of time in my craft room.

I found these very relaxing and I like the results-want to try some for maybe and ATC but not sure yet.God, I have a thumping headache, so not going to be too much longer on here. Soon be time to cook dinner-ding ding round three lol.