Tuesday, 10 June 2008

From dominoe tin to clock....work in progress

I bought a jungle clock to make kit, from a charity shop and it cost £1.50 ages ago. I have been itching to use the parts and bits from it to make other stuff with all the goodies inside.
I have done lots of altered dominoes of late and kept( never throw anything away me) the tins they come in. So have been thinking what can I do with this and this and decided to make a dominoe tin clock!
Painted tin in a suede effect brown-and so far edged it in gold and figured out how to attach clock bit, not hard at all!
Just thought I would show you all what I have done so far, it is far from finished but this is my first altered clock and wanted to share it with you because I am like a big kid!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Latest altered dominoes

These are some of the dominoes I made on Friday,whilst demonstrating to the French kids, from my son's school. These are a few of the 70 odd dominoes I drilled in preparation for this demonstration.
The kids loved it and ended up making about three each and where raving about it.Even their teachers asked if they could do one too!
It was nice to see that some did different things and a few of them hand painted the Scottish flag on theirs.

I have a busy week ahead of me this week,at school still doing costumes and this week,we are going to practise strutting our stuff on the stage. I am also in middle of decorating and also hubby is 40 at the weekend,so trying to plan a surprise BBQ-which will be a hard one as he is off on Friday,Saturday, Sunday AND Monday!!!
Watch this space!!!!!!