Monday, 28 January 2008

Mondays- I dont like mondays

Well got up at an un-godly hour today and cracked on with the dreaded housework, gave myself a list of things today today which include
Wash car
Do all washing-drying and put away
Sweep back garden
Bit of weeding
Sweep front of house

We shall see later what I finish off....if any that is......

So I had better get my bum in fifth gear now then...............

Well the day is almost over and I did manage to get some jobs completed......I did the washing,weeding,sweeping of the back garden, housework. I even managed to dry some washing on the line, until some cretin decide to burn some garden rubbish.....

Have had no time to craft today as ater getting back in from helpin out at school it was that time of day to think about dinner.
Have just found out to edit same day post :) and also changed my templte too.
I am off to bed in a mo-so I shall bid thee all good night.

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