Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday lazy sunday

Today has been a bit of a pottering day really-pottered about doing the housework,then sat at craft table,then done some washing and then back to the craft table. Have finished all my jig saw pieces- Had to be done as I will be busy all week,as a good friend is coming to stop from tomorrow till saturday.

The above photo is of my last jig saw piece-well mines done but not showing that until I have all the others and they are assembled on a canvas. All jig saw pieces are now in the post, ready for the off!

Tomorrow will be a housework day-due to friend coming hehe and once she has seen the place "spick and span" I will not worry so much after that lol.

I am doing an Encaustic demo tomorrow evening for the Womens Institute-looking forward to that I think hehe.

Ok folks, short and sweet today

Toddle pip