Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thursday-decorating day

Today I am off round a friends house to help her decorate, any excuse to wield a paint brush I say! So no crafting today nor probably tomorrow.
We are going to attempt the downstairs hallway and two small bedrooms downstairs. Magnolia walls and some white gloss work, just to freshen things up,oh and doing the ceilings too,so I shall have more white in my hair lol, at least I don't need a ladder or chair to reach,being tall does have it's bonuses,sometimes.
Right she will be here in a moment to got o town to pick up materials, so I shall say bye for now. Jinny x


My name is CINDY...... said...

Hope you had a good day, I was decorating Weds - went to work Friday and someone said, have you been decorating? I sad yes! How did you know? The whole back of my right arm was still covered in paint lol. I had had two showers, honest!! Would you come and paint the top of my stairs Jinny? I can't reach!!

Jinny said...

Yep I am on my way to do the top of your stairs Cindy as long as there is plenty of tea and I can have a pay with your craft stuff xxxxheheheeheh