Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Yep, she loved them

Well after getting back from gardening, my friend has text me twice and I rang her this evening and sang "Happy Birthday" to her (oh poor Jill) lol.
She loved her card and pressie-PHEW!

Have found a car (our old one died two weeks ago) and can pick it up on Thursday-yay, it means I can have my car back and not have to keep asking for lifts for my son to get home!!( thanks Penny)

I will be at son's school all day tomorrow,getting organised for end of year variety show-not been there in three weeks due to holiday,no car and lack of inspiration and motivation! But things looking up a little(dare I say it) so will let you know how I go after tomorrow!

Right off to bed soon as up with the songbirds again

Thanks for reading :)

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