Tuesday, 10 June 2008

From dominoe tin to clock....work in progress

I bought a jungle clock to make kit, from a charity shop and it cost £1.50 ages ago. I have been itching to use the parts and bits from it to make other stuff with all the goodies inside.
I have done lots of altered dominoes of late and kept( never throw anything away me) the tins they come in. So have been thinking what can I do with this and this and decided to make a dominoe tin clock!
Painted tin in a suede effect brown-and so far edged it in gold and figured out how to attach clock bit, not hard at all!
Just thought I would show you all what I have done so far, it is far from finished but this is my first altered clock and wanted to share it with you because I am like a big kid!


Genie said...

Hi Jinny, You are clever, it,s a great bit of recycling.

Maureen said...

Looking good girl - look forward to see the finished result!!!


can't wait to see the finished result