Friday, 4 July 2008

Well it's been a busy time

Well it's been a busy time for me, as we are moving back to Devon 12th July, which is only next saturday. I have been up to my neck in it with sifting,sorting,cleaning and packing!

The show went really well although I could not get to take pics as I was out the back doing hair,make-up and costumes, I have a friend who did take some good pics and is putting them on a disc fro me, sadly I will only be able to show you me and the teachers but not pics of the kids,even if I faze out there faces but the teachers have no qualms with being added to my blog.

This evening I am out with the teachers from my sons school and we are going to Carlisle ten pin bowling,should be a good laugh as there are about 24 of us all together, I hear they are a hoot out on a night out and am def taking my camera!! Theme night too at bowling! lol

Right must dash-things to do blar balr

Ohh and a HUGE thank you to Paula (PBird) for giving me an award-oh my,which also reminds me -I have been asked this afternoon to give out awards at school-------Oh my!

Right take care you lot



Genie said...

Hi Jinny, good luck with the moving. and a welcome back to Devon. if your near to Bovey Tracey, give me a shout.
Cheers Jean

My name is CINDY...... said...

Glad it went well Jinny, they ae going to miss you at the school I think!!

Agnes the Red said...

The very best of luck with your move lucky gal going to Devon....don't forget to pass on your new addy.
Hugz and hope to see you back crafting soon.
Ange xxx

Artyfax said...

all the best with the move Jinny and hurry up back to crafting