Friday, 9 January 2009

Just saying hello

Just popping in to say hello.
Have been lucky enough to receive some birthday money early :)...............
and yep, you guessed it already spent it,well it had to be done or else it would have ended up going into the house...........I ended up getting a pair of trousers,4 tops and had enough money left for some Encaustic paper and wax, some spring papers,some keyring findings for domino keyring, Tim Holtz alchol ink-pitch black and some brown and black leather thong for jewelry making, being a bit of a bargain hunter i think i did very well with 40 quid!!!!!

Well i am in process of making a 60th bday card and also a domino necklace for myself as i am going out on the razzle dazzle tomorrow evening with friends........if i rememeber will post pics!

Have a good weekend all

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Nicks said...

Hi Jinny, Long time no speak, Happy Birthday for whenever it is! I have been a bit remiss at keeping yp with you blog, but just had a nice cuppa and a nice browse. Hope you are well x