Monday, 19 January 2009

Matchbox window shrine

I did this today, it's a matchbox window shrine for a challenge on another site. Behind what you can see is a matchbox (7cms x 4cms) a tad bigger than the smallest mathcbox but it's all that i had! It has an acetate window with a altered domino inside- it ended up being quite tall by the time i had finished, once i added the roof part.
Really enjoyed doing this and may, may just make another.


Genie said...

You have beeen busy Jinny
love the Shrine and your altered hearts

Agnes the Red said...

FANTASTIC! love the black & white. Thanks for taking part in the project Jinny..looking forward to seeing more!

WendyK said...

It's lovely Jinny, love it in black and white

My name is CINDY...... said...

Yum Yum yum.

I think I recognise some of that black and white paper, it's really nice.

Gott do this, have to go through hubby's coat to find a matchbox while I think of it.