Sunday, 3 February 2008

Been a couple of days.....

Since I last posted.....whats been going on, well .....friday I did the usual housework but ended up going to town on the place as trying to keep myself busy, due to trying and I say trying to quit the fags!
Did a session at my sons school, this week we made bookmarks-remind me NOT to take all my favorite inks and stamps next time lol.
Hubbys car died a sad and painful death,so spent all day saturday looking for another- greeeaatttttt. Did not do didly squat saturday night, other than veg in front of tv.
Today got up at 9am,wacthed a bit of tv and then hubs,Harry and moi took Patch for a long walk,not as long as last week but nice all the same.
Came home cooked dinner-chicken pie and roast spuds and then I took my self to craft table and stayed there and played until an hour or so ago-
Not much really-- still smoking but from about 20 down to 4- will keep trying........
Tomorrow I am doing an Encaustic art demo for local school club.........quite nervous about it this space--Right off to bed now-take care


Artyfax said...

Love the wax and the art cards

will be putting your blog on my blogroll


Jinny say's said...

Thanks again JOhn---I must play catch up on here-kids off so a little crazy as I have to queue to get on it lol

My name is CINDY...... said...

You ae doing some lovely work Jinny - had to laugh about the ink pads, been there done that, all the colours mixed up were they?

Cindy x