Friday, 15 February 2008

Panic panic

Friday....Today I help out at my son's school and do a class of arts and crafts, only today so far, I have nothing planned! I have woken up with a bad headache-day three of headaches-oh the joys!.....Have not a clue what I shall do yet! Do how ever have my own jig saw piece to finish. Last night I posted off the jig saw jam swaps......some not so crafty folk might be thinking-what the hell is this woman on lol.A jig saw jam swap is where a group each send out a jig saw piece to each other and tell the others of that group a theme, the colours they like and which way around they want their jig saw piece to be displayed.At the end of it after everyone has altered said jig saw piece, they post it back to you and you end up with say 6 pieces of decorated jig saw, that you can then add to a canvas and make a very.very nice piece of art work.....Does that make sense? PROBERLY NOT LOL
Right that's about it for now-well it is only early and I am now off to make a cuppa tea! toodle pip.


Jan said...

6.41am? OMG! No wonder you have a headache!!
Your blog is brilliant Jin - Loved browsing through it all. Am envious of your encaustic skills. I won a whole encaustic set and have not taken it out of the box yet 'cos I had a go once and you should have seen the result! Maybe I need to practise?! I love the way you create wax pictures rather than just the normal encaustic landscapes. Very clever.
Jan x


Hey chicken legs, love reading about your day, just as much as i love having you as a friend

Jinny say's said...

Bless you-both of you xxx