Friday, 15 February 2008

The rest of friday

Well I am not sure this will be added on to this mornings blog but hay ho, we live and learn.
I ended up making "peg animals" with my class of school children this afternoon, browsed through my twenty thousand craft books lunch time-ok, slight exageration, I have about mmmm 7 or 8. Ended up drawing lions,giraffes,turtles and snakes, got the kids to colour them in,cut them out and stick onto a wooden peg, mind you ended up bringing them all home as they wanted me to glaze them with some 3d liqud embossing stuff! We had a group change over this week as I have done four weeks with one group(12-15 kids) and this week I had seven girls, it was heaven.I took my eldest with me and she loved it.
I asked in advance if the girls wanted to make "mothers day" cards next week and their faces lit up.....I was not going next week but might have to now!
I recieved another jig saw pice today-huge it is, huge I say! Thank you Angela. I am also hosting a "goody bag "swap and have lots of interest nd recieved a few bags already-wow! I want them all to myself, think I might cancel the swap an leave the country hehehehehe.
Still have a headache,just nagging at my forehead, cant take no more pain killers or else I wil start to rattle when I walk!!
Now about to answer a few emails and then up at 4.30am with hubs but I shall think about gooing back to bed tomorrowas it's saturday and kids will be asleep longer-yay-
Oh and I shall upload pics of peg animals tomorrow-just incase you wanna see 'em!
toddle pip

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Artyfax said...

Looking forward to seeing the peg animals Jin