Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday AGAIN

I can't believe how quick time is going, do you find that too?
It's flipping Friday again and I am not prepared for crafting with the kids this afternoon! Will have to do some quick research and see what the Internet has to offer or else scan my books or stash and see if anything jumps out at me!
Have been busy this morning, doing the housework thing and still feeling the urge to scrub floors, I did my bathroom today. Waste of time really as A) no one will even notice and B) it will be trashed say oh come 6pm lol.
What us woman have to put up with lol........ On that note I am off to see what I can muster up for this afternoon. Toodle Pip

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My name is CINDY...... said...

I agree Jinny it's getting scary. It's nearly the end of March and I haven't found the 2008 calendar yet. And housework - I think after doing it for 30 years I'm a bit bored with it - if someone stayed in a job that long you'd say they needed a change!!