Thursday, 13 March 2008

This and that

Been finishing off things past couple of days.

Starting to build up a collection for craft fayres, which is all well and good, just need to find some venues now.

The moulds are what I made from face moulds I already had on ATC's and as you can see, they have worked really well- I pushed the paper clay over the original mould and let it dry on the radiator. The two face moulds are ones I made from my replica moulds-tadarrrrrr.


My name is CINDY...... said...

Clever clogs. Like the dominoes. Can I ask a stupid question, have you really framed all these things or is that just a cyber frame?

Jinny say's said...

lol I wish- no did it on something called jasc paintshop pro- love that programme-really wish I had lol -thanks for the comment xx

Artyfax said...

I love the tree, my kind of painting. such an ethereal quality.

I also like the idea of the shading around the other wax painting. Something I will try next time I frame one of my smaller paintings. Also love the way the frame picks up the red in the sky.- John