Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday yet again

Love Fridays really as it's off to school in afternoons,to help out. Today I teamed up with ma pal Jill,her group and mine did pastel work,unfortunately I did not get to play with the pastels but the kids produced some great pieces. They did three colours and rubbed together to make a sunset/sunrise and then added some black mountains.Jill brought in some old mounts and we mounted up their work,very impressive stuff too.
Now time to think about dinner, got chicken cooking but not sure what to do with it yet...ooh woe is me lol
My kids as of today are now on a two week half term...I say again ooh woe is me lol.
My friend from Devon was supposed to be coming today but due to unforeseen circumstances is now sadly not coming... OOH WOE IS MOI :{
Well I shall say toddle pip for now,might have more artwork to show you as weekend progresses but no promises.



Seems like you're having a couple of problems, but I'm sure they'll get sorted. And in answer to your question, yes they are making a new series of Ashes to Ashes and it's going out next year.


Oh woe, me dear, such sweet sorrow, i do feel sooo sorry for you.
Poor cow. lol fresian of course.