Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Pastels out

Spent the first part of the day around a good friends(Jill) and we sat and drank tea and went through some Sotherby's(sp) books, looking at different artists work. It inspired me that much I came home and got out my pastels and did this little ditty. I was given a print today by the artist Donald Ayres,he did not give me it himself lol but said friend did as I thought this little postcard was very pretty. I like the softness of pastels but have not studied this medium in great detail. Off to hunt out some more pastels,as I know I have some more.


Jan said...

Lovely piece of work Jinny. The colours are wonderful. For someone who hasn't done much pastel work you 'dun good girl' !
Incidentally, good choice of music - the Barber makes me want to linger around your work for a long time!


beautiful colouring jinny. you've captured the lighting perfectly.

Artyfax said...

I absolutely love pastels, so tactile - so colourful - so damn filthy.

this is a nice painting and suggested detail is tremendous