Monday, 31 March 2008

Kids on half term and dog sitting

Afternoon all,as mentioned in title my clan are on half term,well my two younger ones,eldest still has to go to college and I am dog sitting for my niece!

His name is "Snoop" I keep calling him Snoopy and a few other choice names besides hehehe.He is 15 weeks old and a fluff ball of legs and is on the go the whole time! He also still likes to do his doings indoors,so my mop is taped to my hand lol and disinfectant in my back pocket! Last night I ended up sleeping on the sofa as he would not settle, I was up at 5am but did end up going back to bed for a few extra hours.

My dog"Patch" however is not impressed hehehe as the pup is always at him and as Patch is nearly three an old man in comparison lol.

I manged to do a couple of pastels last night and also there is a picture of a frog-this little cheeky chappy climbed out of my watering can,whilst hubby and me where fixing a lose tile on the back step-it looked like he was thinking" Whats all the noise about,I am trying to kip in here,keep it down "lol so I grabbed my camera and took a quick pic of him(or her)

I have been busy cleaning upstairs this morning and washing.....Might get back to my table later but seriously doubt it,with this little bundle of fluff-into everything....Oh yeah he got here yesterday and I had not long changed my bedding and he decided it needed changing again by peeing on it, I was not impressed but my kids and nieces kids thought it highly amusing!!


My name is CINDY...... said...

Sound like you've got your hands full lol!! You've reminded kids are off from Friday - there goes the peace!!

Jinny said...

Tell me about it-kids ,dogs ,pups and no time to play lol x