Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Plans for the day

Good morning all,well today I am taking my son with me to my friends. Her youngest son and Harry are friends from school and seeing as they are on half term,thought it would do Harry good to go somewhere different.
They can play,mean while Jill and myself can play in her studio! YAY.
Think today will be pastels,she is going to give me a master class, she is a very talented artist. (although she would not agree)
My girls will be staying home and on "Snoop" watch as I would not dare leave him on his own as he has taken a liking to my chair legs! Poor chair legs.
Will be doing the usual h*%£*%"*k this morning and hope it is tidy when I get back-yeah right! lol
On that score I am off to empty the dishwasher and chuck in another load of washing. Wont get any washing dry outside today as weather looks miserable!
Ohh forgot to say I am working on a secret project,all will be revealed soon! So make sure you come back to check what I am up too.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Jinny, this all sounds very exciting and mysterious, too!

I know you will have a lovely day playing with pastels and learning so much. It will be fun for your son and who knows, maybe for your daughters, too! Little Snoop sounds like he is at the HUGE HANDFUL STAGE! LOL

Have a Great Day!