Sunday, 1 June 2008

Crafters Block-help

Well folks for the past two nights I have been to my craft table and just stood there looking at the stuff on table~~~~~I think I have crafters block, I mean I want to be creative but just don't know what!

I moved my encaustic art box into the lounge and it's sat there on coffee table just waiting and it's still waiting for me to do something with it.

I did my garden this afternoon and managed to take some pics of some beautiful flowers, with the intentions of using them as inspiration for some encaustic art work.


Genie said...

Hi Jinny, know the feeling, having the same problem since i came back off hols,and knowing i am off again soon.

Jinny said...

Arrghhh- well once i have done what i need to do in hse today i have hubbies 40th bday card to do and still working on recycled costumes for school-that might get me in the swing of it-hope you find some onspiration soon take care Jinny

Jan said...

It comes to us all Jinny! I don't know the answer really but suffice to say it will suddenly come back again! The poppies are beautiful and I'm sure you can translate them and their vibrant colours into something encaustic - they're crying out for it!