Monday, 20 October 2008

Still no arts or crafts being done

Well still busy sorting out this house- today having double glazing fitted and then i shall be decorating when monies allow!!!
I have thought about going into the garage and doing some stuff but then i look around here and think, maybe later!!!! and so it goes on!!!
I promise to do some stuff soon- i need to as i want to start doing my CRAk''s soon,have loads of those to do.

Right best get on
take care and toodle pip friends


Genie said...

Good luck with the Home improvements, have a good week


still waiting to see some work chicken legs. lol

Sherry said...

Just popping by to say hi Jinny!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Well here's something to get on with, I've left you something on my blog and tagged you as well. Hee hee. Cindy x