Monday, 13 October 2008

Went to fancy dress saturday night

Went to a mates 30th saturday evening and the themes were " Rocky horror show" "Anything begining with the letter S" " Masqurade " and "Clowns"

I chose the rocky horror theme,well it was an easy theme! and hubby went as a suit!!!


Genie said...

Hi Jinnie
Hope you had a great Party
Have a good week

My name is CINDY...... said...

Hello you. mmm, thought you might have gone as something beginning with s dressed like that - only joking lol.
GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!! (NB I don't have your new addy!!)

Artyfax said...

Cor.. What an outfit! Bet you wowed the guys at the party.

can't make up my mind wether you are trying not to laugh or looking nervous.

Great to see you have internet again, hope to see you on NI (and Margarets Flickr group)soon -